Unpacked Tomorrow and got the Present!!!


Albert Einstein said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”

Majority of us tend to take things lightly, unless and until any defining incident takes place, it can be positive or negative. “Tomorrow”, well, we wave off any task by saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Especially, procrastinators. They are in love with “tomorrow”. But when we seriously work towards our dream ,we take great efforts for better tomorrow. Tomorrow holds new opportunities, hopes. Every tomorrow has something to offer.

When we plan much-awaited getaway, our enthusiasm doesn’t allow us to relax for the whole night and we eagerly wait for tomorrow which is decorated with fun, happiness, excitement by our imagination. When exams are almost at our doors, we are “afraid” of that tomorrow, no matter whether we have studied well, average or not at all(lazy as we can be ?), that nervousness comes. When a mother conceives, she feels changes in the body and her tomorrow is filled with unpredictable pain, feelings and when delivery period comes, the fact that any tomorrow can be the day when parents can hold their baby makes them happy, frightened, enthusiastic and much more, that’s indescribable. When cancer patients learn about their disease and stand firm to face the evil by keeping their spirits high and having strong willpower that yes, I’m gonna conquer this, that’s what matters the most in treatment. When wedding day is tomorrow, bride and groom feel excitement, happiness, fear, sorrow of leaving family for bride, worry for groom whether she’ll blend with his family, excitement of spending life with beloved ones for which they waited for so long,that tomorrow holds life changing moment for them. When travellers get in their shoes, they thoroughly enjoy the today and always get amused by the curiosity that, what tomorrow will offer them. Aspirants believe in giving their best in today for brighter and fruitful tomorrow. Any Tomorrow which holds any result, is filled with fear, anxiety. In spite of the fact that test was good or evil ?, results make us edgy.

But in all these situations, the most important and irreplaceable fact is that, no one knows exact tomorrow! It is the future which may hold surprise, shock, we don’t know about it. Most of us, waste today in worrying or fantasizing about tomorrow, when the inevitable fact is we always have “Today”. Our actions, decisions, happiness, sorrow, everything takes place in today. Our today is not coming back. All we can do is in “Present”. There’s no point in holding to past if it only triggers bitterness which leads to sadness. We have yesterday to learn and amend things in today..
When the flower is blossomed beautifully and magically spreads its fragrance across the surrounding, we feel the nature’s creativity because it will be foolish to become sad that it will die tomorrow because that’s how nature works. Living things die eventually, but what matters is “how” they lived the life offered to them. Dreaming for tomorrow and working diligently in order to achieve it, is motivating. But by dreaming with no working attached, we won’t procure anything. Crying for yesterday means we didn’t focus on our today. Why to face calamity to realize the importance of today? There are people who believe in the live moment and make most of it, there are also people who aim for the moon and work hard towards it. When we achieve something, we should enjoy that moment, instead of worrying and spending jubilant moment in thinking, “what’s next?”

We always say, “In today’s world” not “tomorrow’s world”! Because tomorrow is hidden with possibilities and today is the reality. Life is unpredictable and definitely too short to keep grudges with family, friends and anyone who has been in our lives. Realizing value of relations is crucial. Saying sorry, thank you, bring people closer. We might regret later on when people go away and we can’t see them ever again. So, not to torture yourself with regret, take the step “Today”! There’s no use of crying at funerals when we failed to let them know how important they were to us, when they were alive! So, let’s get our “Wake up call” and make most of our lives right in this moment. Let’s live today and be ready to deal with tomorrow with its unpredictable offerings.

When Alber Camus said,
“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.”, I really want to admit and apply that. So, let’s have this perspective that what we truly own is “Today” because “Tomorrow” is always going to be stranger for us and we know that……


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