Sometimes love is in memory…


Ease your mind and listen to this tale When the ship of love came and the sun and dark cloud tried to sail
But surrounding was filled with weird conflict
Patience was the key, they knew very well
Sun went for a hug, dark cloud disappeared by the harsh rays
Tears fell down, love cried
Dark clouds went for a hug, sun got disappeared by the cape of darkness
Dryness spread, land also cried
Both were sad, that love was impossible
Nature knew that love was driving them insane
But it also consoled them “no pain no gain”
One fine day, idea glittered in the nature’s mind
Sun came up and dark cloud too
Surprisingly they met without losing other one
Land cheered up with shower of love
Colors came together to mark their love
That’s what we call “Rainbow” my dear
Sun and dark cloud remembered the month was June
They knew it will occur once in a blue moon
But their hearts were agreed that we are fine with this
At least we will meet somewhere in bliss
And the world will marvel at our spectrum of love
Some love stories don’t last forever
Memories play the part forgetting never
That’s how special form love takes up
Though bodies won’t meet, remembrance will catch up



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