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She adjusted her saree and purse, observed seat twice and sat carefully, opened her bag, took orange out and peeled it off, ate it and threw the garbage out of the window…yeah, this is the scenario of ladies compartment in local trains. There are many people who don’t understand how dirty they make the city! It’s easy to say, “Wow, foreign countries are so clean, railway tracks are so clean there.” But who makes the track dirty? People point to slums but don’t realize their own mistakes. When train stops suddenly due to technical problems, we curse quickly but people who work on the tracks to maintain proper conditions of track, are ignored.
I read this column about linemen in Indian Express and realized that they work on field so that tracks will be maintained properly. They risk their lives, so that Lifeline of Mumbai will not face obstacles which can bring misfortune to passengers. Some cruel people show inhuman behavior to them. From that article, I realized that people spit on them, hit them. That’s really annoying. Gravity of their work remains unnoticed. They have to make sure that all garbage is lifted, in order to do their work of maintaining tracks.
This shows that certain fields are ignored and people should recognize these fields and respect it. While undergoing training, our trainer gave us valuable advice that all jobs are respectable. While in the way to office, say good morning to watchman with a smile, so that he will feel good about his work and he will work with good heart and will be happy all day. Such a beautiful thought! As a responsible citizen, it’s our responsibility not to litter in city.
We should never ever underestimate anyone’s job because we don’t know the details or we don’t understand their work. We feel whatever we do is prestigious but respecting others’ jobs is also necessary and much needed. Because a mere recognition to people can make them feel good.

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