Periods – Yeah you heard it right!

detail of a creased napkin

“What happened”, “(with twitching face) it’s my birthday”, “Birthday…you should be happy ,you look in pain”,”Birthday…(whispering) periods.”…. Yeah, this the conversation between two teenagers. Most girls talk about in whispers and using any other name but periods. It’s so underrated topic that even sanitary napkin company named it “Whisper”. Now girls do that because they find it embarrassing to talk about it loudly. It’s a natural process which girls have to go through every month. Yeah, it is painful, sometimes excruciating. But it is certainly not bad. A woman can be mother because of periods. So how can it be bad or inauspicious???
In olden times, women used to stay in different room, while having periods. Their clothes, food, utensils were used to be separated. Nobody used touch them or go even near them. Women going through periods weren’t allowed to attend auspicious ceremonies like wedding, pooja, etc. Over the years, people have improvised their beliefs. But still, there are people who continue to follow these customs. Now, mostly this is perspective of older generation. It’s hard to make them realize the things , when they have watched and followed certain things for years and years.
But youth. I’m talking about younger generation who should understand the scientific reasons rather than shushing the topic. In schools, “Whisper” company people used to come to enlighten girls about periods. Basically, advertising about their pads. But it was used to be a big deal because only girls were used to be taken for that seminar. Now, it was obvious that boys will be curious and it will be stupid to assume that they didn’t have any idea about it. So, information should be provided to everyone regardless of gender, rather than making it so secretive. In fact, it is the truth which should be told by experts to all students so that, it be informative. In science textbooks, menstruation cycle is included but some teachers just read it out and avoid explaining to students. The fact that it is being included in syllabus, makes it clear that it should be known thoroughly by everyone.
I think, we should all accept and respect periods rather than keeping it under cover. If girls are going to treat it as something to be ashamed of then why boys will respect it? While asking for sanitary napkins in medical, why it is has to be asked only to female and if only male is there, why it should be asked in low voice. You ask for it as you ask for your shampoo or facewash. It is as natural as that. And trust me, when you start asking about pads normally in regular voice, no one will give a look.
Girls, we all should talk about periods in natural way. Yeah, those are 5 hard days and we literally curse entire “men” race in that pain but it is not all inauspicious or disgusting. It is the reason parenthood is enjoyed by people, which is a special occasion of their life. So spreading knowledge about it, is very important. And we can start off with “I’m having periods” rather than using weird names for it.


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