Mesmerizing Sunrise at Kanyakumari


      Sleepless night had very dull impact on me. Eyes were nudging me and body was in rejection of any activity. But as clock showed 6.00AM, suddenly hope brought its head up and tried to make me stress-free. Walking down the road, reaching on the beach was getting exuberant. Cold breeze was welcoming me and telling that it will be beautiful experience. I reached on the beach and just in time, the sun was ready to make its appearance slowly. People were waiting to grasp its first look. And the sun peeped and I got its glimpse. Red-orange-yellow shades were playing together. Sky was changing color, as if its paleness got vanished by shiny sun.
Sunlight was shining on water and reflecting like glorious miracle. And this bewitching scenario was being experienced by me in Kanyakumari. It felt so great that any choice of words will be short to elaborate the bliss I got by that view, that awestruck view….Sitting on rocks, having blue water by legs, having energetic orange-red sphere in front of me was just amazing. Beauty of vast sea was enhanced by rising sun and deep sea was waving back at it happily. I was just sitting and watching the sea, feeling breeze all over me. The sun was mischievously throwing its sunlight on face and making me shut my eyes but it was so adorable that it left lingering smile on my face…
Who won’t like such beautiful morning? Rising sun, setting sun these are daily processes but it never fails to amaze me. I feel same enthusiasm every time. Rather every time I feel it like I’m experiencing it for the first time. I never get enough of it….Rising sun tells me that let go all of your lazy, sad, dull moments and revive with new hope, new energy for the day which is standing in front of you. Accept it and welcome it with smile. I felt that positive energy within me. Sunrise truly affected me in such a way that I was feeling happy, excited, calm and energetic. That’s why I love nature. Nature is my that friend who never fails to make me smile. It always welcomes me with open arms and I feel secured, relieved in that warm, affectionate hug. I just close my eyes, smell its aroma and try to seep it into my soul. Simply superb…
Everyone should have this interaction with Sunrise and definitely your mood will change amazingly and you’ll be power-packed for the day ahead…..



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