Lifeline of Mumbai


Ear-piercing shouting, the uncomfortable position, aching body, trying to resist the force…this is Mumbai’s railway compartment. Mumbai is the lively city. Mumbai crowd is always on the toes, in rush to their destination. Schools, offices, work…there are different transportations in Mumbai but Railway is known as the Lifeline of Mumbai. Lakhs of people travel daily in railway. And when you dare to put your foot in train at peak hours, you come across various experiences. It can be horrible, funny, happy, peaceful…
The very first task is making your place on the platform itself when train doesn’t even appear ? Bags in front, rolled-up hair, rolled-up sleeves, tightly holding all belongings as if there’s going to be significant war and you have to survive through it safely ? Yeah it is a war. As soon as train appears, everyone is like ‘OK, let’s do this’… Train halts and I don’t know for what reasons, some people don’t understand that people in train want to get down too. They just try to barge in on their face. Now when entrance is clear (after all swearing, cursing, abusive words), you have to literally use your strength to find your way in…
Once you are aboard and train starts, you realise that you need to take a deep breath because you did a really hard task…hushhh…But hey, don’t be in that relaxed state because next moment, you’ll be thrusted by others and if you are off guard, you’ll suffer with pain. Some are fighting to get a place, some are chit-chatting amidst of chaos, some enjoy powerful wind on the door, some get into quarrels and trust me, quarrels can get really nasty and sometimes they can pull each others’ hair too… In all this stressful atmosphere, when sudden rush of wind makes its way in there, it soothes you and you seriously feel really good. Importance of such relief is felt crucially after experiencing pain. When you need to get down at your destination, you need to make your way in that line which is going to get down and once train reaches at the station, you’ll be automatically landed on platform. Thanks to powerful jerks of others who think if we don’t get down, life will be doomed ? there are times when you have to wait for trains for hours and then there’s “the inconvenience caused to passengers in deeply regretted” ?
But in spite of these things, railway journey is amazing because people make friends in this daily journey. It consists of sweet-sour moments. Women have given birth to children in trains and people have helped. Mumbai trains have faced blasts but spirit of Mumbaikars never evaporated. People rise again with hopes and enthusiasm. They celebrate festivals, occasions in trains. They share their stress with friends while travelling. When anybody meets with unfortunate accidents, people run to help. They share food, sing cheerfully, dance in that small place which is available. So, train is the place where you will see loads of qualities of people…helpful, funny, jolly, angry, depressed, stern, sad….It is the experience which teaches you a lot.
When I’m just standing in train and trees, buildings, people, shops, birds, sky pass away like a fast-forward film, I feel amazing. It gives me good-different feel. Yes, you need to be very careful while travelling by train. You should not climb when you know that you’ll be half out. Nothing is important than life. Fatal accidents happen when people are careless or do risky things.
Train travel is nice experience when you do it wisely and smartly. Enjoy that crowd, that adjustment, those jerks, those fast-forward views, smiling people, fighting people, laughing people, happy-in-listening-songs people…varieties of people. It is the transport which is integral part of many people in Mumbai. And when you go away from Mumbai, being-in-train is missed deeply. It is the way to know spirit of Mumbai. So brace yourself, on your marks, get set and go in the train ???



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