Let me take a halt, peace is calling!


Kiara hit the accelerator and started off her journey away from chaos, work, pollution, disturbance, fast-world to peaceful, natural, happy place… Her village. She was thinking of going there since long time. She hadn’t been there for years. Busy schedule, deadlines, workload were restraining her. But she decided to take a break from this binding schedule, for herself. To live without deadlines for some time. To relax. To stop and really FEEL the things, instead of hurrying past everything. Though she was happy in her career,job, she didn’t realize that being workaholic was taking a toll on her inner peace, mental peace. Her mind was more tired than her body and she felt the need to rejuvenate it. She had informed at the office that she will neither be available for 2 days nor will she receive any call. It was weird for her to ignore phone as it was integral part. But she knew she had to do it. 

Driving on highway, leaving behind buildings, malls, offices, smoked air and arriving on green carpet of nature, made her feel good. June had arrived. But rain had not. She was happy to see trees on both sides of the road. She blessed those people who planted these trees, giving people calm view and fresh air. She reached her village, small but having mighty presence of nature and simplicity. Her grandma was exhilarated to see her granddaughter after so many years. She had made Kiara’s favorite dishes and as soon as Kiara entered the home, her grandma planted token of love on her cheeks and forehead with watery eyes and both of them were feeling warmth of affection in a prolonged hug. 

Village was beautiful. Smartly built houses with one storey and open view and open space in the front yard, having backyard surrounded by various plants, a temple in the middle of the village, which gives out wake up call by bell every morning. Village was equipped with shops, electricity, water but not losing its authenticity. Streets were calm unlike the city where you have to find a way diligently through the traffic of moving people. Kiara took the tour of the house,going into each room as if trying to seep in the feel of the home,she was revisiting after long time. She went to backyard, where cows, goats were lazily sitting around, munching on something,relaxing under canopy created by dried grass. She went upstairs to the balcony and sat there on her childhood-favorite swing, made of jute,watching mountains ,open sky, light wind and absolute silence,which was broken by her grandma’s voice, which would’ve sounded normal in the city but here in the sheer silence, it startled her. Grandma was asking her to get fresh and have food. She obediently went. Pouring water over her tired body made her feel better. Food was obviously delicious with loaded flavor of grandma’s love and affection.
An evening was onsetting. Grandma was taking a nap. Kiara got up and went for a walk towards the hill, few meters away from the house. She sat on the concrete structure, built around the huge tree to sit and caressed by cool shelter. The view from here was amazing. Neatly built houses in a row under the blue sky,having mountains behind the village,cows moving peacefully, goats running around, hens walking playfully, dogs lying on the ground lazily,variety of chirping birds pleasing the ears unlike ear-piercing honks. Kiara was amused by this picture perfect moment view, which was so simple yet beautiful because everything was happening at its own leisure. No rush, no shouting, no honking, no crowd, no dullness….In the city, she felt alone amidst of chaos and plenty of people and here in complete deserted place she felt nice accompanied by nature, animals….She gave out silly smile at the irony. She pulled her legs, securing her body, inhaling the fragrance of serenity and exhaling her stress.

Just when she was admiring blue shades of sky and floating white cottony clouds, suddenly wind became stronger and her loose hair snapped rapidly around her face. Blue was replaced by grey progressing towards black and she felt a drop of water on her cheek and in no time, land was drenched, greenery was smiling, taking water all over. Raindrops were overcoming any sound present there. Kiara was trying to hide herself from rain under the giant tree as if she could :P, given the speed of the rain. She wouldn’t make it to the house without being completely soaked. After pity and failed attempts and playing hide and seek with the rain, she finally gave in and stood on the ground, opening her arms to the sky, shutting off her eyes. She was embraced by raindrops and smile was playing around her lips. Her body shivered with cool wind carrying bountiful raindrops over her body, which she loved. Kiara, who used to have all protection from rain, carrying raincoat, umbrella, just to make sure, her belongings and clothes are safe and dry, was now standing fearlessly, welcoming rain jubilantly. It was thrilling for her and she was enjoying every bit of it.

Her trance was broken by shouts of kids, dancing, sailing their mighty boats in little pond, racing and laughing heartily. She couldn’t stop smiling. Surprisingly, monsoon felt endearing to her,like the friend, who’s visiting after long time and hugging lovably. And there came a top-notch moment, when at the start of the forest,away from where she was standing, she saw a peacock, flaunting its wonderful and astonishing feathers merrily and moving gracefully. She just clapped in excitement and kids were more than happy to join peacock in its merriment. She was so happy to come here and finding it all worth! She didn’t even regret that she couldn’t capture all these moments in her phone because she knew it will stay as fresh as new in her heart even after decades….

Rain bid adieu and sun came up brighter than before, only to show glimpse and signing off for that day, leaving behind trail of colors in the sky… Kids were still playing, laughing and that echo was making Kiara happy. She started walking back to the house, splashing water on the way with her legs like a little girl….giggling and feeling ecstatic…


Author’s note :

Meaning of Kiara : Bright


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