Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!!


“That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on the color instead of taste.” – John Green

I’ve come across many people who are crazy for fair skin. Looking pretty is equal to looking fair. No matter how many times you are being told that beauty is all about how you behave, which qualities you have, etc., people tend to believe the ugly truth of fairness. We Indians take pride in saying that we all are divided by states and United by nation. We proudly boast about diversity in lifestyle, culture, attire, art forms. So, why can’t we accept every skin tone? Yeah there is a sane percentage of people who look for qualities rather than beauty but to whom are we fooling! That percentage is very less. All beauty products which claim fairness and their enormous market shout on top of their voices that “Being beautiful means being white”!!!

We learned in history that British ruled on India and used to humiliate us because of our skin color and we used to hate it but at present, mass population in the Independent India believe in being fair-skinned. “Advertisements” have major impact. Lots of fairness ads portraying dark skin as measure of unsuccessful careers and fair skin as measure of bountiful confidence, are brutally unfair. Nobody should accuse dark skin as cause of lack of confidence. But the sad part is, people religiously stuff their shelves with fairness products. Caking the skin with those products and wishing helplessly for brighter skin. All in vain!!! If people try so hard and invest so much in wishing something against-the-nature thing to happen then why not taking same efforts to remove all negativity, hatred and misunderstandings for better living!!!

Our entertainment source “Bollywood” has made that belief stronger by depicting love-at-first-sight with fair, beautiful, gorgeous lady flaunting her beauty with every move. Actors-actresses are role models for many and their skin lightening surgeries build the mentality of fair beauty in many people’s minds. What is important really? The features which we are born with, are our features truly. If we do not respect it, then why will other people?? If you are confident, talented, with positive attitude, how’s the color of your skin going to matter? We protest against the racism due to which Indians get attacked in the foreign countries but what about arrange marriage in India? Where first thing is going through photographs and deciding whether to tie the knot or not? What is that? When you think about people,if their presence makes you feel delighted,their thoughts reflect clarity of their minds, purity of their hearts, their playfulness makes you laugh hard. This is when you realize how amazing those people are and then you truly like them. When you get attracted by looks, that’s infatuation but when you are able to feel the warmth of soul, that’s love. Height of success don’t need any beauty parameters. Not at all. It needs efforts, talent and determination.

Respect what you are and develop your qualities rather than beautifying face. India will be truly fair about skin tones when all fairness products will be banned and inner qualities will be all that mattered. After all, attitude stays with you till you part your ways from with living world. Best beauty is what you felt from bottom of your heart rather than what you see.


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